Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Another mountain race? Yes! 
USA Mountain racing Championship was held July 6th at Lincoln, NH. Heavy competitors all around. I was honored to be there, just to start. 

Beautiful area, green and trees and bears...

The course started fait flat on dirt road by a river then winded up the mountain ski slope. The climb started fault quickly. Very rocky footing and I almost feel 2 times) the leaders started at a 530 pace and I was behind for a short time in 630 . 
Then first climbs were not too bad, but by mile 3 my calfs  were achy. 
The final Walking  Boss hill, totally nuts. 
I was bent at a 180 angle for .5 miles. 

I feel ok upon finishing, I felt strong and happy to of completed the hard course. My first championship race . It will be my goal for 2015 to again qualify and to be in the top 10. 

Our CMS team placed 5th in the top competition !! 
Very proud . 

Next race is in the USATF-MT series Cranmore July 20th in North Conway NH 
Then The Morgan Valley UT Marathon July  26th, right outside of Salt Lake City UT 

My Karhu Flow Trail shows, swiftwick low cut socks , seemeinthedark headband, and GU Watermelon chomps helped me for the race. HealtheOrganics protein bar for breakfast and I was good to run. 

Love the mountains. Going for a PR in UT. 

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  1. Nice job!! I've never been to that part of New Hampshire but it looks amazing!