Friday, July 11, 2014

Vega Plant Based Bars

I had the chance to review for the company , Vega, some of their bars. 
I have been a vegan athlete for over 10 years so I was thrilled to try the protein based bars. Below is a picture of my Vega sports cup ready to go! 

My favorite was the All in one Meal Bar in the flavor of Chocolate Coconut Cashew. Fulfilled my hunger post run and the taste , sweet, not overly coconut in texture and firm. Yes. Love)) 

I also liked for pre running miles the Vega Snack bar. Nice and light for a snack before heading out to the trails. Fav was the Dark Chocolate Mixed Nuts and Berry. Total yum. 

As a marathoner and team racer that is vegan, I have to pay close attention to my energy needs and fuel. I cannot say enough positive reviews for the Vega Product Line and the All in one Bars. 

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